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The BIA Government Affairs Committee (also known as the “FixItPhilly” coalition) tracks public policies and practices that impact the building industry at the national, state and local levels. Within Philadelphia, the Government Affairs Committee works closely with city agencies, elected officials, policy makers and community stakeholders to advocate for the issues that most affect the home building industry: removing barriers to investment and promoting a positive development climate in the city.

In 2013, BIA was effective in helping to secure passage of the new Philadelphia land bank and on the continuing efforts to retain the city’s highly successful real estate tax abatements. BIA is also “at the table” on matters including demolition policies, zoning code amendments, stormwater regulations, placement of utility meters and more.

darrell-anne-john-carl.jpgMuch of the BIA’s advocacy agenda springs from its 2004 report If We Fix It, They Will Come. The report identified ten key challenges to developing real estate in Philadelphia and articulated a detailed action plan to eliminate those obstacles. In the years since, all of the recommended reforms have been enacted, including the new zoning code and vacant property reform, both landmark accomplishments. FixItPhilly: A Coalition Case Study explores what this coalition has achieved to date and what made the collaboration both innovative and effective and Collective Impact and the Modern City, an article in Governing Magazine, describes the work of the FixItPhilly coalition as having the “essential elements of successful collaboration.”

The Government Affairs Committee continues to work diligently on behalf of the residential building industry. Check the news page for updates and announcements.