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COVID-19 Construction Site Safety Information

The spirit of BIA's efforts related to site safety is to facilitate a culture change on project sites and equip members with the basics needed to effectively keep workers safe. We want the construction industry to get back to the business of building and rebuilding this city, knowing how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and adopting practices and new standards of operation that will make job sites safe now and less likely to be shut down again in the future. It is incumbent on all of us to adhere to whatever safety protocols are mandated because if we don't, all of us will face the consequences.

Members are reminded that the State and City safety guidance are fluid documents and the requirements are updated and clarified by FAQs often. It is your responsibility to make sure you are in compliance with current requirements.

Visit the CDC, PA, and City websites, as well as the most recent Mayor's Order, and the Restarting Construction FAQs.

Also, see the slides from the BIA's safety webinar or view the recording, as well as a pandemic-specific safety plan template and other resources. Click here to download a PDF of the presentation. Click here for the pandemic-specific site safety plan.

Webinar Recording: Access Password: 4.29.20#BIASafety

Click here for a few safety tips and recommendations for construction site temperature taking, face-covering issues, and fit testing.

NAHB also has safety guidance and safety posters and tool talks here.

See also "OSHA Reverses Course and Now Requires Employers to Track COVID-19 Cases."

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