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Philadelphia’s New Lead Disclosure & Certification Law Now in Effect

On October 1, 2020, the city’s new Lead Law went into effect and will impact EVERY residential rental building in Philadelphia. All residential landlords with properties built before 1978 are required to certify their properties AND submit the results to the City of Philadelphia Public Health Department. The law is being implemented in phases by zip code.

Members are encouraged to review the presentation made by expert Adam Kesselman of Lead Testing Services to learn about the law’s requirements and what you need to do to comply (see below).

Lead Testing Services provides seamless and comprehensive lead testing and certification for landlords and property managers and is offering a 20% discount for all BIA members for lead testing for multi-unit properties.

Learn more at and contact Adam at or 610-357-7964.

Click here to download a PDF of the presentation. Watch the recording using the link and passcode below. The Lead Law presentation begins at about the 21-minute mark.

Click here to access the meeting recording using passcode: BIA#LeadLaw1.28.2021.

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